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MetroHartford Alliance Events

August 1

Rising Star Breakfast (8/1/14)

August 6

Get HYPEd at Casona - 8/6/14

August 12

HYPEd on New Britain Rock Cats - 8/12/14

August 13

Meet & Mingle (Hilton Hartford) 8/13/14

August 27

HYPEd on Farm to Table Cooking - 8/27/2014

Regional Data

The MetroHartford Alliance can help your company locate prime property to establish and grow your business in the Hartford Region.

Contact our Economic Development experts; Rebecca Nolan, Business Development Manager at 860-728-2280 or Sandra Johnson, Vice President and Director of Business Development, Domestic and International Business at 860-728-2281.

You may also search for retail, office, industrial, investment and specialty real estate through the CERC Sitefinder.