Healthy Workforce 2015

For additional information contact Nadine Francis West, or 860.728.2278. 

The MetroHartford Alliance is dedicated to the health of the Hartford Region by ensuring its strategic position for companies of all sizes. We’re also focused on the health of the people who make those companies strong and attractive.

That’s why we launched the Healthy Workforce 2015 campaign in the Spring of 2010 as an initiative to promote good health among the region’s workforce and reduce health care costs for businesses and individuals.

You can contribute by encouraging your company to become a Healthy Workforce 2015 partner. The MetroHartford Alliance’s Health Care Working Group has focused the initiative on three areas to help companies and individuals realize health care savings:

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Smoking cessation

So do your part to keep Greater Hartford and its workforce vibrant and vital. Get your company involved on one of three levels to take off pounds and save money.

Become a Level 1 (Bronze) Healthy Workforce 2015 Partner

Become a Level 2 (Silver) Healthy Workforce 2015 Partner

Become a Level 3 (Gold Healthy Workforce 2015 Partner