Strategic Plan


The MetroHartford Alliance serves as the economic development leader for the Hartford Region and as the City’s Chamber of Commerce. The Alliance’s mission is to ensure that the Region competes aggressively and successfully for jobs, capital, and talent so that it remains a premier place for all people to live, work, play, and raise a family. To achieve that mission, the MetroHartford Alliance serves as the strategic convener of the Region’s investors, stakeholders, and other interested parties to accomplish critical objectives that require collaboration.


Foster a climate for job creation and infrastructure investment.

  1. Develop a legislative agenda that focuses on: controlling State spending in the FY’13, FY’14 and FY’15 budgets within the Constitutional spending cap; and attacking the unfunded liability issue.
  2. Promote the list of major capital projects as prioritized in the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy for the Region.
  3. Work with the Mayor, the City Council, CRDA, and the Hartford Delegation to amend the applicable property tax legislation to support the City’s efforts to control spending, and reduce the mill rate from 74.29 to 45 by 2020 with the overall goal of growing the grand list.

Retain, develop, recruit, and engage a diverse and talented pool of employees and entrepreneurs.

  1. Continue to build on HYPE’s success in networking, professional development and community leadership and explore opportunities for HYPE’s potential involvement in civic engagement.
  2. Work with the Hartford Consortium for Higher Education to produce two forums that promote the value of our higher education institutions as economic engines and a critical source of the future workforce.
  3. Transition Graduate!CT to an online web model partnering with CT Distance Learning Center.

Promote the stability and expansion of specific industry sectors with a link to support small business growth.

  1. Build on the success of the 2012 Insurance Market Forecast by producing another Forecast in 2013 that promotes Connecticut as the Insurance Capital on an even broader national scale.
  2. Establish the Connecticut Health Council as the premier forum for health sector topics and experts to foster networking and to market the State as center of health excellence.
  3. Work with DECD and the City of Hartford to establish an innovation “hub” that leverages the success of the HYPE entrepreneurial awards and the Startup Weekend structure.

Market the Region’s assets to retain and attract businesses.

  1. Leverage The Alliance Newsroom, the Alliance Daily Brief and the partnerships with the Courant, HBJ and NPR to promote Investor and Alliance accomplishments and initiatives.
  2. Through the International Business Council, continue to focus on foreign direct investment opportunities in Eastern Europe, Germany and Israel.
  3. Support the efforts of the Connecticut Airport Authority and the Bradley Development League to develop a comprehensive and integrated strategic plan that strengthens the overall economic development capacity of Bradley International Airport.

Ensure that the Capital City is the dynamic urban core of the Region.   

  1. Support CRDA in its efforts to expand the rental housing inventory in Downtown, to move UConn’s West Hartford campus to Downtown and to manage the XL Center and Rentschler Field.
  2. Convene a working group to explore the establishment of a community investment fund as an additional funding source for catalytic economic development initiatives.
  3. In conjunction with the Alliance’s efforts on behalf of the iQuilt initiative, work with the City, the BID, and other stakeholders to promote the City’s assets and the website to drive more traffic to City venues.

Click for here a pdf version of the Strategic Goals