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Regional Investor Profile, May 2017: Foley

May 03, 2017


Organization Description:

Foley is a Compliance and Background Check company, helping our customers' businesses thrive through better hiring, navigating complex regulations and improving processes.

Year Founded: 1992

Website URL:

Social Media:
LinkedIn - Foley

Leadership: Joel Sitak, CEO
Mary Henry, CFO
Richard Pummell, VP Operations
Mike Every, VP, IT

Alliance Liaison: Richard Pummell

Local Offices/Headquarters:140 Huyshope Avenue, Hartford, CT 06033

Total Number of Employees: 200+

What defining characteristics make your organization unique?
What are you proudest of about your organization?

We are a growing, employee-driven organization that has the agility and resources to expand and change quickly in response to our customers’ needs.

We are most proud of the explosive growth we’ve attained in the past few years. Because of this growth, we’ve been able to continuously bring new job opportunities to the Hartford area.

What recent milestones or accomplishments have your organization achieved? (E.g., projects completed, awards and recognitions)
Within the past year we launched a new background check division at Foley. This new division takes a modern approach to background screens by looking at each individual’s past, present and future behaviors. This proprietary solution provides the most comprehensive profile of an applicant or employee that is currently available in the industry.

Why does your organization invest in the MetroHartford Alliance?
How does the Alliance’s work align with your goals, values and/or culture?

At Foley, we are big supporters of the Alliance’s mission to both help area business’ grow and bring talent to our region. As we continue to grow and add talent to our team, these initiatives are incredibly important to us – as well as our future success.

How has your company engaged with the Alliance over the past year or so? (E.g., events attended, sponsorships, committee involvement)
Attendance at:

  • Investor Meetings
  • Breakfast Programs
  • Ice Breaker Lunches
  • Annual Update
  • One-on-One Meetings to discuss business opportunities


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