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Regional Investor Profile, May 2017: Leadership Greater Hartford

May 03, 2017

Leadership Greater Hartford

Organization Description:
Leadership Greater Hartford is a mission-driven nonprofit organization that supports and strengthens the local community by training and connecting aspiring and established leaders.

Year Founded: 1977

Website URL:

Social Media:
Facebook - Leadership Greater Hartford

Leadership: Ted Carroll, President

Alliance Liaison: Ted Carroll

Local Offices: Hartford

Headquarters: 30 Laurel Street, Hartford CT 06106

Total Number of Employees: 13

What defining characteristics make your organization unique?
What are you proudest of about your organization?

For the past 40 years Leadership Greater Hartford has been bringing people of diverse backgrounds together to build the awareness and mutual trust needed to create constructive partnerships that serve the greater good.

What recent milestones or accomplishments have your organization achieved? (E.g., projects completed, awards and recognitions)
Over the past four decades, hundreds of community impact projects have been completed; we have fostered leadership and civic engagement of 17,000 employees from more than 600 workplaces; 2500+ students from four dozen schools across the region have gained broader perspectives and wider circles of friends; more than 500 seniors have gained the opportunity to continue giving back to the communities they’ve seen undergo so much change in their lifetimes.

Even beyond the direct effect Leadership Greater Hartford has had on our program participants, we are proud to maintain a broader role in the capital city’s continued development. We have collaborated with Hartford’s police and school departments to facilitate broad dialogue and engagement between citizens, city government, businesses, and community organizations. Our programming has led to the appointment of over 450 new board members at 125+ different community-based nonprofits throughout the region.

In fact, participants of Leadership Greater Hartford programs, a third of who are from minority populations, are nearly one-and-a-half times more likely to continue to volunteer in their community than the national average.

Why does your organization invest in the MetroHartford Alliance?
How does the Alliance’s work align with your goals, values and/or culture?

LGH was birthed by the Alliance’s parent organization, the Greater Hartford Chamber of Commerce. For more than 40 years, our two groups have worked together to identify, develop and connect leaders to work together to create a strong and vibrant region. The Alliance is especially helpful in introducing LGH to new and key business representatives in our region.

How has your company engaged with the Alliance over the past year or so? (E.g., events attended, sponsorships, committee involvement)
We are regular attendees of the Rising Star breakfast, newcomers reception, and the annual meeting. We have also been an information and referral resource for one another in our common efforts to serve our constituents. We have a particularly strong relationship to HYPE given our past and continuing interest in retaining and attracting young professionals.


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