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Regional Investor Profile, May 2017: MRW Connected

May 03, 2017

MRW Connected

Organization Description:
Full service communications company with a focus on web development and branding/identity.

Year Founded: 2005

Website URL:

Social Media:
LinkedIn - MRW Connected, Inc.

Leadership: Jeff Mackler and Tom Willits

Alliance Liaison: Tom Willits

Local Offices/Headquarters: 116 Pleasant Street, Suite 328, Easthampton, MA 01027

Total Number of Employees: 9

What defining characteristics make your organization unique?
What are you proudest of about your organization?

We are committed to making the world a better place focusing our business development on non-profits, educational institutions, governments, and social entrepreneurs. We specialize in accelerated web development finding it to be very effective in efficiently and productively developing a client’s website. This process allows for the client and MRW to sit together and create the look and feel and content of a new website during a concentrated development schedule of 4-6 weeks. We have a great staff committed to the needs of our clients and believe in having fun while getting the job done successfully.

What recent milestones or accomplishments have your organization achieved? (E.g., projects completed, awards and recognitions)
We have expanded our work area beyond the Northeast to Washington, DC; developed 8 new websites for varied clients over the last 10 months, including Leadership Greater Hartford and Billings Forge Community Works among others in CT; continued our work with the Hartford Public School district developing their new website and providing ongoing tech support to the many schools in the district; and done identity and branding for 2 clients. For the second year in a row, we have been chosen by B Corp as one of their top 80 work places in the world and we continue our commitment to 1% for the Planet as a member and contributor.

Why does your organization invest in the MetroHartford Alliance?
How does the Alliance’s work align with your goals, values and/or culture?

We are a regional investor in the Metro Hartford Alliance for three reasons:

  1. We think it important to support overall business development in the Greater Hartford Region and no one does this better than the Alliance.
  2. We benefit from the varied event programming, both from an educational and business connections standpoint. We have been able to secure new business through the help of the Alliance connecting us to other investors and from their supportive efforts.
  3. We appreciate the Alliance staff and the commitment of everyone working there to develop business opportunities and make it easy for investors to access information, get educated, market investor businesses, and connect.

How has your company engaged with the Alliance over the past year or so? (E.g., events attended, sponsorships, committee involvement)
We have attended numerous events and continue to provide support for the Hartford Consortium for Higher Education website.


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