Talent Attraction & Retention

Success depends on talent. One of the MetroHartford Alliance’s top priorities is recruiting and retaining talented individuals of all ages to contribute to the Hartford Region.

We actively engage local college students in Hartford, Connecticut, and Springfield, Massachusetts, to increase the number of bright college graduates and young professionals who will remain in the Region.

Hartford Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs (HYPE)

Young professionals and entrepreneurs are the cornerstones of the Region’s future. HYPE attracts members in their 20s and 30s and engages them in community life while expanding their professional and social opportunities.
HYPE website

New England's Knowledge Corridor

New England's Knowledge Corridor is a collaboration of human resource professionals, business and economic development leaders, and college career counselors that surveys college students to determine the number of graduates planning to stay in the Hartford-Springfield area after graduation and their reasons for doing so.
New England's Knowledge Corridor website

reSet Internship Program


reSET’s Internship Program is designed to provide ‘access to talent’ for start-ups in the greater Hartford ecosystem. The program connects talented university students with capacity burdened start-ups, on a project by project basis.

Program Structure

reSET hires and manages a cohort of university interns. Over the course of the semester, reSET lends out these interns on a project by project basis, to start-ups, at no cost. To apply to work with an intern, start-ups must submit a project proposal to reSET, who will evaluate the project needs, and match the start-up with a compatible intern. Each intern manages a portfolio of projects throughout the period of the program, while working out of the reSET Business Factory.

Benefit to the start-ups: Start-ups can acquire human capital, at no cost, without having to deal with recruiting, hiring, H.R., etc. It also de-risks the process of testing out potential job candidates.

Benefits to the students: Students get exposure to entrepreneurship and the start-up climate, as well the opportunity to add unprecedented value to a growing venture.

Benefits to ecosystem: Start-ups get a critical boost as a result of free human capital, students get “job-training” in entrepreneurship, and the opportunity to be hired and stay local.