Connecticut Health Council

The Connecticut Health Council, founded in 2012 by the MetroHartford Alliance, is an association of health sector leaders who work together to promote Connecticut as a premier center for the development of businesses, initiatives and technology that improve health care and wellness both nationally and in the State. The Council fosters collaboration, education, entrepreneurship and networking among leaders of for-profit and non-profit entities within the health sector.

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Recent Updates and Highlights:

2016 Year In Review

  • Inaugural DC Forum: Strengthened the Connecticut Health Council’s efforts to sustain the collaboration among health sector leaders while driving its agenda for 2017. Goal is to hold second DC Forum in 2017.
  • CFO/CIO Round Table Dinner Programs: Attended by key Founding Partners and decision-makers.
  • "Did You Know Campaign: Highlighted important facts and figures at the Legislative Office Building April 1-15 regarding the health care industry in the State and the economic development and growth.