Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

The MetroHartford Alliance serves as the economic development leader for the Hartford Region and as the City’s Chamber of Commerce. The Alliance’s mission is to ensure that the City and Region compete aggressively and successfully for jobs, capital and talent so that they remain premier places for all people to live, play, work, start and grow a business, and raise a family.

To achieve that mission, the Alliance serves as the strategic convener of the Region’s investors, stakeholders and other interested parties to accomplish critical objectives that require collaboration.

We take an integrated and collaborative approach with other organizations to “grow the economic pie” to benefit the Region and our Investors and Partners.
The Alliance's nine focus areas

Key Initiatives and Top Priorities

Connecticut Insurance & Financial Services Cluster

Leverage Connecticut’s brand as the Insurance Capital to drive employment retention and growth in the financial services sector

Connecticut Health Council

Build Connecticut’s brand as a center of health excellence to drive employment retention and growth in the health sector

Global Reach

Attract greater foreign direct investment and drive employment growth

Hartford as the Region’s Dynamic Urban Core

Use the Board of the Hartford Chamber of Commerce to advocate aggressively and effectively for privately held businesses to start and expand in the City

Hartford Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs (HYPE)

Enhance the Region’s ability to compete aggressively and successfully for talent by linking employer needs with young professionals’ skills and objectives

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Promote the Region as an attractive environment for start-ups and enhance the success of second-stage companies to drive employment growth

Talent & Education Pipeline

Strengthen the links between private sector employers, higher education, public schools and related organizations to ensure a talented, educated workforce for the next decade and beyond

Marketing the Region

Establish and sustain a collaborative effort to market the Hartford Region for employment and talent retention and growth

Public Policy Leadership

Advocate even more effectively for state and municipal policies, legislation, and regulation that support aggressive and effective competition for employment retention and growth, capital investment, and talent