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Celebrating Hartford through Envisionfest

Sep 28, 2012
WTNH / News 8

HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) -- A new event was started to celebrate Connecticut's capital city, it's called Envisionfest. 

The clouds couldn't keep bikers away. They set off, tackling Hartford streets, trying to set the city on a better path.

"It supports Hartford being from Connecticut, I kinda like to support things that are close to home," said Edmond Wilcox.

That's why hundreds rode alongside Wilcox for Envisionfest, including his daughter Anna.

"I would consider it one of my greatest blessings to be able to ride with my dad, he got me into it," Anna explained. "I've been riding for a few months now and really enjoy it."

The event coordinator, Jackie Mandyck, gave some more insights as to why the event was created.

"We have so much here to offer in Hartford," Mandyck said.

She spent eight months putting together the one day festival. It's meant to celebrate all that is Hartford.

"It really demonstrates our capital city and how we're trying to create a more walkable capital city, a vibrant capital city," she said, "and really for people to come out and see the fabulous cultural assets that we have in the city."

Envisionfest came with it's own passport with a list of events and a map on the back highlighting hot spots and historical sights, things that the bikers got to see.

"I might even be tempted to get on a bike and take off with them," said Mayor Pedro Segarra.

The Mayor says it's also an effort to get out of cars on onto spokes.

"It's a very green way for people to get from place to place and it can de-congest our downtown," the Mayor said, "so we can get more and more people actually riding to work."

For the Wilcox's, it was more than just transportation.

"It's father/daughter bonding. It's fitness. It's relaxation and fun," they said.

Let's hope the fun continues. They're trying to make Envisionfest an annual event.