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Achieve Hartford! Honors Alliance, Investors at Annual Meeting

Nov 18, 2012
Achieve Hartford!

Achieve Hartford! Holds Annual Meeting and Honors
Travelers, Aetna, MetroHartford Alliance as Education Champions

(FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE)  Achieve Hartford! last week held its public annual meeting and recognized three organizations –  Travelers, Aetna and the MetroHartford Alliance – as “Education Champions” for their work in helping to sustain Hartford school improvement.

Achieve Hartford! is an independent, nonprofit organization of business and community leaders that focuses on student achievement and supporting effective and sustained school reform in the Hartford Public Schools.  Fulfilling this mission depends on the support and guidance of organizations like Travelers, Aetna, and MetroHartford Alliance and their leadership, who among others were responsible for the founding of Achieve Hartford!.

At its annual public meeting to review its accomplishments in the past year, Board Chair Eric Daniels noted that while the organization was founded just four years ago, it has grown to become a critical component of Hartford school reform, he said, notwithstanding the enormous number of changes that have taken place at all levels of State and local government, on the Board of Education, and in the School District last year.

“The fact that we have gone through all these changes and maintained the course is a validation of Achieve Hartford!’s work and the work of all stakeholders,” he said, recalling the notion that school reform efforts might begin internally, but must be externally sustained.

Executive Director Paul Diego Holzer summarized Achieve Hartford!’s programs and accomplishments, noting the challenges that come with serving such a diverse set of stakeholders.  “Our organization was founded to respond to the needs of our city, and as the reform has evolved, so has the city, and so have we.  It is important that each year we evaluate how well we’ve served our stakeholders, and discover ways for us to have even greater impact,” he said. 

Please click HERE for a video clip of the meeting.