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HYPE Hauls in Toys for Boys/Girls Club

Dec 12, 2012
Hartford Courant
There will be lots of extra happy faces at the Hartford Boys and Girls Club courtesy of members of HYPE, the MetroHartford Alliance’s organization, Hartford Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs.

HYPE held its annual “Tons of Toys” holiday  toy drive and party at The Bond Ballroom Wednesday. And the results for children who belong to the non-profit club were impressive.

“We collected more than 1,300 toys and had the U-Haul loaded up by 10:30 p.m. Wednesday night,” said HYPE Executive Director Julie Daly Meehan about the substantial stash of toys collected during the soiree thanks to both monetary and gift donations. “I was on the road this morning bringing them to the Asylum Hill Boys and Girls Club location and the directors from all the clubs were there to get the toys for their locations.”

Interestingly enough, the wish lists used to guide HYPE members as far as what to buy, were classic.

“A lot of board games, kickballs, jump ropes, those kinds of things,” explained Meehan, who donated the game “Mancala,” a board game that involves moving stone playing pieces.

Meehan said the organization had special help with the toys collection thanks to donations from Prudential Retirement, Pratt & Whitney, Webster Bank, ForeSite Technologies, May Bonee & Walsh and Travelers.