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Hartford HIP Announces First Successes

MetroHartford Alliance
Hartford Homeownership Incentive Program Announces First Successes

Hartford, Conn.  (August 2, 2013)
- The Hartford Homeownership Incentive Program (HIP), an initiative of the MetroHartford Alliance and five partner institutions that offers forgivable grants towards the purchase of homes within the City of Hartford, has seen among the first of its successes this summer.

Hartford Hospital, a HIP partner institution and Leadership Investor of the MetroHartford Alliance, announced two successful closings on Hartford homes at a celebration at the site of one of the purchased properties yesterday.  One more closing was noted to be in queue.   

Aetna, also a HIP partner institution and Leadership Investor of the MetroHartford Alliance, saw a purchase of a Hartford home by an employee in early July..   

"We are delighted to see these successes through the Homeownership Incentive Program," said Julio Concepcion, Vice President of Hartford Partnerships for the MetroHartford Alliance.  "This initiative underscores the vibrant Hartford experience and we look forward to more employers participating so that we can continue to grow the number of homeowners in Hartford."

The Hartford Homeownership Incentive Program is an initiative implemented by Aetna, Connecticut Children's Medical Center, Hartford Hospital, Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center and Trinity College to offer financial incentives to employees who wish to purchase homes within the City of Hartford.  Homebuyers agree to live at the purchased property for at least five years.  NINA and SINA administer the program on behalf of the partner institutions.  

The Homeownership Incentive Program commenced in May 2012 at a press conference attended by Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy and Hartford Mayor Pedro E. Segarra.  The program enables employees of the partner institutions to live close to their places of employment, to save on commute time and to improve the environment while at once enjoying access to Hartford's myriad amenities, including world-class arts, entertainment, dining and more.    

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