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MetroHartford Alliance Expands Capacity and Team

The Alliance has over the past several months evaluated how to address the increased demands on its HYPE agenda and on its communications, marketing, and media relations talent.  Earlier this year, the Alliance hired Caitlin Thayer to join the HYPE team with responsibility for engagement with HYPE officers and committees.  The Alliance has now also hired Jackie Valliere to assume responsibility for the scheduling and management of the wide range of HYPE activities.  Julie Daly Meehan will continue as Executive Director of HYPE and, with the addition of Caitlin and Jackie, will also fully assume new responsibilities with Nancy Wheeler in support of Investor Relations efforts with the additional title of Director of Investor Engagement & Digital Media.
Brian Boyer will join the Alliance on April 21st as the organization's Vice President of Communications, Marketing, and Media and Public Relations.  Brian is currently the Senior Director of Marketing and Communications at the Washington D.C. Chamber of Commerce, and his past experience includes communication and marketing positions at Cigna, The Hartford, United Way, and UTC as well as earning his MBA from the University of Hartford.  Barbara Glassman Dell, Communications, Marketing, and Media Relations Associate, will report to Brian, and Brian will also work with Julie on the digital and social media aspects of our communications.  Both Jackie and Brian plan to attend the Annual Celebration on Monday.
With Brian’s arrival, Meredith Gazdzinski will transition to the roles of Assistant Vice President for Specialized Communications, where she will retain responsibility for the Alliance Daily Brief and Newsroom, and Program Manager for the Connecticut Insurance and Financial Services Cluster supporting Susan Winkler.  Meredith will report to Susan and Brian.   
With these additions and changes, the Alliance has significantly enhanced its capacity to interact more effectively with Investors, to trumpet Regional successes, and to promote the Alliance Team’s expertise in public policy matters and other disciplines that are critical to the Region's economic and employment growth.