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Comcast and Bloom Energy Celebrate New Energy Project in Connecticut

Just in time for Earth Day, Comcast announced today during a special “switch flipping” event that Bloom Energy fuel cells are now powering the company’s Western New England Regional Headquarters in Berlin, Connecticut.  Comcast and Bloom Energy representatives were joined by municipal and state officials, including Senator Paul Doyle, Senate Chair of the Energy and Technology Committee, Arthur House, Chairman of the Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) and Rachel Rochette, Mayor of the Town of Berlin, for the ceremony at the 80,000 square foot building.  The facility serves as Comcast’s regional headquarters for five New England states and is the master facility for receiving and processing television signals for distribution on the Comcast network. 

The 400 kW fuel cell system will generate more than 3 million kWh of electricity each year, providing up to 80% of the facility’s total energy load. The Bloom Energy Servers® are installed with uninterruptable power modules (UPMs) and will enable the Comcast facility’s headend to maintain operations through grid outages.  Additionally, the project will help Comcast reduce the facility’s carbon emissions by an estimated 1.93 million lbs of CO2 emissions each year (as compared to electricity purchased from the grid in Connecticut). This is equivalent to the annual emissions from 185 cars or 121 homes.

"It's very encouraging to see more companies taking advantage of fuel cells and other green energy sources," said Senator Paul Doyle, Senate Chair of the Energy and Technology Committee. "Fuel cells like the one we have here today are an important step forward in the way we use energy. They produce clean, reliable energy without producing toxic byproducts that damage our environment and our health. I applaud Comcast for converting this building to fuel cell power."

Investing in fuel cell technology is another way Comcast is combining tactical initiatives with more innovative energy solutions.  The company is building smart capabilities into its infrastructure, including installing smart controls in its data centers to manage cooling and energy needs to prevent peak electricity loads or spikes in demand. 

“Technology and innovation are at the core of everything Comcast does and this project is another example of how we are deploying innovative technology to build a stronger, more reliable and secure broadband network for our customers,” said Mary McLaughlin, Comcast Senior Vice President for the Western New England Region.  “By generating clean energy on-site, we can enhance the resiliency of our operations while also supporting our sustainability goals and reducing our carbon footprint.”

Market leading Bloom Energy Servers use solid oxide fuel cell technology to produce electricity through a highly efficient electrochemical process, instead of combustion, to provide on-site, clean and reliable power. 

“Comcast is transforming how people are entertained and informed, and we are proud to have Comcast join Bloom Energy as we strive to change the way we generate the electricity that powers our lives,” said Bill Thayer, Executive Vice President of Sales for Bloom Energy.

Comcast's Berlin, Connecticut facility serves as the company's Western New England Region headquarters, which is responsible for serving customers in more than 300 communities throughout Connecticut, western Massachusetts, Vermont, western New Hampshire and New York.  The 80,000 square foot facility houses 450 of Comcast's more than 1,200 Connecticut employees and includes the company's regional offices, sales force and technical operations teams, a Conference Center, a headend, a technician dispatch area and equipment warehouse.