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ADVOCACY ALERT: Alliance Expresses Appreciation, Concern, Support to Governor and Legislators on State Budget and Economic Competitiveness

On July 7, the Alliance issued a letter to Governor Malloy and State legislators acknowledging their work on the FY’16-FY’17 State budget. The letter expressed the Alliance’s appreciation for efforts made by Governor Malloy and lawmakers to address in part the concerns of private sector employers about the budget, and for the inclusion of components within the budget aimed at improving the State's spending economic competitiveness. The Alliance also reiterated its concern about the $800 million+ budget deficit projected for FY’18 and urged policymakers to use the rest of 2015 and the 2016 legislative session to reform State labor contracts, impose Medicaid cost controls, and establish a Constitutional spending cap definition that controls spending growth while maintaining access to Federal reimbursements. The Alliance offered its continued support to address the issues left unresolved in the 2015 legislative session and its assistance in drafting a Constitutional amendment on the State’s transportation infrastructure for the November 2016 State elections. Read the letter...