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MetroHartford Alliance Announces Staff Promotions

Nancy WheelerLinda MitrookLeft to right: Nancy Wheeler and Linda Mitrook.

Hartford, Conn. (February 25, 2016) -
The Alliance is pleased to announce two recent staff promotions.

Nancy Wheeler
has been promoted to Senior Vice President and Executive Director of Investor Relations. Over the past several years, Nancy has assumed increased management responsibilities and has provided leadership on a number of critical initiatives including the 2015 Investor Engagement process. In addition to her expanded Investor Relations role, Nancy will continue to serve as Secretary for the Alliance Board of Directors.

Linda Mitrook
has been promoted to Vice President and Director of Finance. Linda has provided invaluable direction and advice in all financial and support aspects of the Alliance and has assumed additional management responsibility over the past 18 months.

The entire Alliance team is committed to sustaining our energetic focus on ensuring that the Region competes aggressively and successfully for jobs, capital, and talent.