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MetroHartford Alliance Announces Three Promotions

 Julie Daly Meehan
 Kim Lundy
 Jackie Valliere

(Hartford, CT)  November 1, 2016 -- The MetroHartford Alliance is pleased to announce three promotions that will strengthen its mission. Julie Daly Meehan, Executive Director of HYPE has been promoted to Vice President of Investor Engagement and Retention under Nancy Wheeler, Vice President and Executive Director of Investor Relations. Julie has been a highly valued member of the Alliance for over nine years as the driving force behind the exceptional success of HYPE. From HYPE’s earliest days, Julie has led its strategic planning and defined its focus and programs, all which resulted in 5,000 members celebrating HYPE’s 10th anniversary this past June. That celebration clearly reflected HYPE’s valued role in attracting, retaining, and engaging the Region’s talented individuals, one of the criteria critical to the decisions of private sector employers to grow in Hartford. Julie’s leadership role has expanded during the past year to include working with Alliance investors in multiple ways to assist with their engagement and more fully leverage their investment. Julie will continue to oversee the HYPE initiative and interface with our marketing efforts on specific social media functions.  

The Alliance is also pleased to announce the promotion of Kim Lundy to Executive Director of HYPE and Jackie Valliere to HYPE Program Director. Kim will assume Julie’s responsibilities to ensure that HYPE continues to flourish as an integral component of the Alliance’s overall mission to compete aggressively and successfully for jobs, capital, and talent. Jackie will continue to report to Kim and begin to manage all HYPE volunteer activities and committees, as well as the planning and execution of HYPE events. She will also lead HYPEr Link, the new HYPE initiative designed to enhance Investor engagement under the HYPE Ambassador Committee.
In her previous role as Deputy Director, Kim worked closely with Julie to strengthen the HYPE committees expanding opportunities to engage HYPE members through social and professional development networks and in leadership roles in City and Regional initiatives. Brought on as Program Specialist in 2014, Jackie has been instrumental in refining the HYPE Cup program and in expanding volunteer activities for HYPE members.  

The Alliance is fully committed to ensuring a valuable experience for all Investors, and these promotions will significantly enhance the capacity of the Investor Relations team which includes Rich Brown, Rob Capossela, Laura Dinan Haber, Jen Proto, and Mia Sinatro.