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Alliance Announces New Digital Marketing Communications Consultant

Aiming to build on its integration of digital assets including social media platforms and its website, the Alliance recently hired Leah Firebaugh as its Digital Marketing Communications Consultant. Leah will begin her new role on November 21. Leah comes to the Alliance from the Bushnell, a tremendous Alliance partner, where she has worked in prominent roles focusing on marketing and development. Most recently, she managed all of the Bushnell's digital marketing including the organization's website, social media and digital signage. In addition to social media channels and the website, Leah will support electronic strategies for Alliance organizational initiatives and brands. She will also be responsible for managing the Daily Brief and other key marketing communications functions that align with our nine strategic circles.

Leah is a native of Pennsylvania and has lived in Connecticut for 10 years. She is a graduate of the University of Hartford and enjoys calling Connecticut home.Her contact information will be:

Leah Firebaugh
Digital Marketing & Communications Consultant
(860) 728-2269