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Fiduciary Investment Advisors Recognized by Schwab Advisor Services with 2018 Best-in-Retirement Business IMPACT AwardTM


Fiduciary Investment Advisors Recognized by Schwab Advisor Services with 2018 Best-in-Retirement Business IMPACT AwardTM


Windsor, CT – October 30, 2018 – Fiduciary Investment Advisors was honored today by Schwab Advisor Services with the 2018 Best-in-Retirement Business IMPACT AwardTM. The firm was recognized for leadership in the retirement industry and extraordinary work that has contributed to serving plan sponsors, participants, and the community. FIA received the award on the main stage at Schwab IMPACT®, the nation’s largest and longest-running annual gathering of independent advisors.  


“It is an honor to be recognized by Charles Schwab for this national award. It is a testament to the hard work of all FIA employees, who work tirelessly on behalf of our clients,” said Mark Wetzel, President.


The IMPACT Awards® are given each year to independent advisor firms that have demonstrated excellence through leadership, innovative business practices, client dedication, and fresh thinking. The categories include the Best-in-Business IMPACT Award™, the Pacesetter IMPACT Award™, the Trailblazer IMPACT Award™, and the Best-in-Retirement Business IMPACT Award™.


The Best-in-Retirement Business IMPACT Award™ honors an independent record keeper or advisor that focuses on retirement plans, understands the unique needs of plan sponsors and/or participants, and has developed an innovative approach to serving them. For example, FIA pioneered the creation of the Fiduciary Trail®, which may help employers adhere to a sound Fiduciary Governance process that can result in comprehensive plan management and better participant outcomes in retirement.


“The Fiduciary Trail® and our Fiduciary Governance Calendar give employers a proactive approach to addressing the key areas to retirement plan health and participant outcomes,” noted Ryan Gardner, Managing Partner and Head of FIA’s Defined Contribution Group.


Winning firms were selected by a panel of independent judges. As part of the award, Schwab will donate $15,000 to each winner’s charity of choice. FIA has selected $7,500 to go to YMCA of Greater Hartford and $7,500 to go to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston.


“We are pleased to give back to these two nonprofit clients, both of which have critical missions creating safe and caring environments for children and families, so that they can reach their full potential and go on to become responsible citizens and leaders. We value these organizations as clients and partners and believe their work to be necessary to the communities where our employees live and work,” said Mike Goss, Executive Vice President.






About FIA:

Fiduciary Investment Advisors is an independent, employee-owned investment consulting firm that works with fiduciary clients, including retirement plan sponsors, non-profit organizations, and private clients. Assets under advisement total more than $76 billion. Our mission is to provide customized consulting services to assist our clients in achieving their investment objectives, while fulfilling their fiduciary obligations. We have offices in Greater Hartford, Boston, and Maine. To learn more, visit



More Information:

Christian Coleman

Partner & Director, Business Development and Marketing

(860) 697-7432

For Press Inquiries:

Alisa Picerno

Public Relations

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About the IMPACT Awards®

The Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.’s IMPACT Awards® program recognizes excellence in the business of independent financial advice. Nominees are evaluated and selected by a panel of prominent leaders from both the business world and the financial services industry.

For more information on the IMPACT Awards® program, visit


Fiduciary Investment Advisors is not owned or affiliated with Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. (“Schwab”), and its personnel are not employees or agents of Schwab. The IMPACT Award® is not a referral to, endorsement or recommendation of, or testimonial for the advisor with respect to its investment advisory or other services. Schwab Advisor Services® serves independent investment advisors and includes the custody, trading, and support services of Schwab. Independent investment advisors are not owned by, affiliated with, or supervised by Schwab. The Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston and Greater Hartford YMCA are not affiliated with or employed by Schwab. This is not and should not be construed as a recommendation, endorsement, or sponsorship by Schwab.