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Connecticut Public Receives Funding from Office of Film, Television & Digital Media/Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development

Connecticut Public Learning has secured funding for new scholarships at the organization’s Learning Lab for courses that give veterans and other adult learners hands-on experience in high-demand media fields. Courses include video production and editing, graphic arts and digital design, and project management. Career services and other professional development opportunities are also available. Students learn from award-winning filmmakers, producers, and practicing artists. They build proficiency while gaining critical job readiness and interpersonal skills.

Student Boris Shaw, who has taken courses at Connecticut Public Learning and is now working at FOX61, says, “This was the practical education I needed to get my next job. The teachers were great, and I got just the right type of experience to bolster my resume.”

Students benefit from practical training experiences led by industry professionals, directly connecting the classroom with daily production experiences and content. By using the same assets as our experienced production team, students gain valuable skills that help them make the transition into the multimedia profession.

Rose Mary Wallace says, “Scholarships like this are crucial. The scholarship enabled me to enroll in the program. This program was the spark that I needed. It really helped me tie my passion to my work and the community.”

Information on how to apply can be found at

Connecticut Public is grateful to the Office of Film, Television & Digital Media/Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development (OFTDM/DECD) for supporting this important community resource and investing in Connecticut’s communications talent pipeline. 


About Connecticut Public
Connecticut Public is the state’s only locally-owned media organization producing television, radio, print, and web content for Connecticut’s wide-ranging and diverse communities. It is home to Connecticut Public Television, Connecticut Public Radio, and Connecticut Public Learning. Connecticut Public Television is an affiliate of PBS and is a locally and nationally recognized producer and presenter of quality public television programming. Connecticut Public Radio on WNPR is an affiliate of National Public Radio, Public Radio International, and American Public Media. Connecticut Public Learning serves high school students through a partnership with Hartford Public Schools and the Journalism and Media Academy School. It is also home to the Institute for Advanced Media, a program that provides veterans and adult learners an opportunity to learn valuable digital media skills. For more information, visit