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Alliance Strategic Partner Profile: The Walker Group

Jul 08, 2014

The Walker Group provides professional IT services to businesses throughout New England.  Our experienced team of engineers helps organizations leverage technology to achieve their business objectives.   Walker’s clients benefit from a full suite of IT Services ranging from help desk support to complex network design and strategic IT plan development.  Walker operates as a social enterprise, structured to make a positive social impact.  This model is manifest in all aspects of our operations with an overarching commitment to improve the local and global community.

Year Founded: 1986
Social Media: Facebook; LinkedIn; Pinterest
Leadership: Kate Emery, Founder and CEO
Alliance Liaison: Jesscia Rich, Director of Operations & Employee Services
Local Offices: 20 Waterside Drive, Farmington, CT
Headquarters: Farmington, CT
Total Number of Employees: 62

What milestones or accomplishments has your company recently celebrated?

Since 2010, Walker’s CEO, Kate Emery has worked to get social enterprise legislation enacted, and on the last day of the 2014 session, the bill passed.  This law will open the doors to more innovative business and new job creation.  While Walker has operated as a social enterprise for many years, we hope to be the first business to officially register for the Benefit Corporation designation.

Walker also recently opened its IT Staffing Division under the direction of Mike Mueller, Director of Talent Acquisition and HR Strategy.  Mike brings many years of national IT Staffing and M&A experience and is currently the President of the Staffing Management Association of Southern New England.

How does your company engage with the Alliance?
The Walker Group has been a Strategic Partner of the Metro Hartford Alliance for several years and has found the relationships and connections we are able to make there invaluable.   The Alliance has helped us get involved and engaged with potential clients and provided unique opportunities to network with the business community.