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MRW Connected, Inc. (MRW) is excited to announce the launching of the new Billings Forge Community Works (BFCW) Website. The new website highlights the important varied and community based services and programming BFCW provides: quality housing, healthy food, and employment and job training for local residents both in the Frog Hollow area and the entire city of Hartford.  MRW utilized its accelerated development process in which the entire website was completed in six weeks.  This exciting way of working together, both onsite and remotely, brings all of the appropriate decision makers together for real time decisions.  The group collaborates to create the custom website design, write all page content, and develop the website’s desired functionality. The goal is to make on-time decisions through efficient time management to accomplish all of the desired results.  The new site launched the middle of September 2016.



About MRW Connected 

MRW Connected, Inc. is a full service communications company providing branding identity, media campaigns, collateral, website and mobile responsive design, and marketing to educational institutions, non-profits, municipalities, and social entrepreneurs.