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Governor’s Prevention Partnership announced that they will receive grant funding totaling $210,000 over the next three years ($70,000 per year) from First Niagara Foundation in partnership with KeyBank to support the Connecticut Mentoring Partnership. This multi-year grant is part of the Foundation’s Legacy Mentoring Initiative, which provides continued support to quality youth mentoring programs throughout the former First Niagara’s legacy markets now served by KeyBank. 

First Niagara, which was acquired by KeyBank in mid-2016, had invested more than $500,000 in mentoring in the state since 2011.  That support has made it possible for the Partnership to increase mentor recruitment in Connecticut by 67%, support and strengthen local mentoring efforts and bring advanced mentor training to local programs.

Governor Dannel P. Malloy, co-chair of The Partnership, welcomed KeyBank market president, Jeff L. Hubbard, to his home recently to thank him and other top funders of the Partnership for their support for mentoring and the Partnership’s prevention initiatives.  A highlight of the event was Hubbard’s announcement about the grant award.

“Mentoring impacts the lives of our young people in many positive ways,” said Governor Malloy. “Investments like this go a long way in making a difference and keeping our kids on track for bright futures.”

Earlier this year, under Hubbard’s leadership, KeyBank launched its own mentoring program with James Hillhouse High School in New Haven where a dozen freshmen attend mentoring sessions with KeyBank employees every other week at the bank’s downtown New Haven offices.  The youth do goal-setting and college/career planning activities with their mentors, with a focus on learning responsible personal financial practices and behaviors along the way.

“We have been proud to work alongside the Partnership to support mentoring throughout the state for many years”, said Hubbard.  “I wanted our employees to get more directly involved with mentoring, and the Partnership was instrumental in helping us create an on-site program that worked for us, as well as the New Haven Public Schools.  The students are enjoying their visits to our corporate offices, and my colleagues and I are getting just as much out of the mentoring relationships as the students.”

“KeyBank and First Niagara Foundation are true corporate leaders,” said Jill Spineti, president of The Governor’s Prevention Partnership.  “Their genuine spirit and commitment have helped expand youth mentoring in Connecticut, impacting the lives of many children each year by matching the state’s investment in youth prevention.

The bank’s commitment this year to bring youth onsite has inspired other corporations in Connecticut to get involved in youth mentoring, which will be helpful to close the mentoring gap and get more mentors for children on waiting lists.”

Photo:  KeyBank market president Jeff Hubbard announced $210,000 in funding to the Governor’s Prevention Partnership at the Governor’s Residence in May.  Pictured here with The Partnership’s President & CEO, Jill K. Spineti.