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The Salvation Army New York Staff Band Performs in October

The Salvation Army’s New York Staff Band (NYSB) represents the finest in Christian brass band performance, holding the distinction of being the first staff band in Salvation Army music history. The band’s corporate attitude is not professional in the modern sense of that word.  Rather, while truly outstanding in performance, their approach is that of the amateur in its original sense—one who loves what they pursue in art, rather than an approach to one’s music as a job.  The NYSB has been and continues to be a fully volunteer musical organization.  The band continues to be motivated by its love of Christ, the essential ingredient in potential staff bandsmen when the group first formed under Commander Ballington Booth in the spring of 1887.

This band’s music making serves as an arm of The Salvation Army’s compassionate ministry while keeping true to the highest purposes of sacred music—giving praise and glory to God. The band has performed coast to coast in the USA, visited the United Kingdom more than eight times, toured Europe and Scandinavia on multiple occasions, traveled several times to the Far East, Australia, and New Zealand, and been across the border into Canada on more than 20 occasions. In all of this, added to a pace-setting, unprecedented series of recordings, they have played a major, significant role in the nurturing and encouragement of the worldwide brass band community and especially the music program of The Salvation Army.