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Powerstation Events' President, Al Vagnini and Director of Business Development, Liz LaCava, to be honored with HARC’s “Sparking Possibilities” recognition.

Powerstation Events' President, Al Vagnini and Director of Business Development, Liz LaCava have been chosen as the recipients of HARC’s inaugural “Sparking Possibilities” recognition.  The event will take place on Saturday, November 11 at the Hartford / Windsor Marriott. To purchase tickets click here

Their long history with HARC has been extremely rewarding on many levels.  Al and Liz have been dedicated to the important role that HARC plays in the care and advocacy for people with intellectual disability in Connecticut.  Powerstation Events has provided support and services over these many years and couldn’t be happier to see that their donations and services have helped HARC to continue its programs and services to those in need.

About HARC
HARC helps people with intellectual disability and their families enjoy lives of quality, inclusion and dignity by providing support, education and advocacy 

About Powerstation Events
Powerstation Events is Connecticut’s leading professional event production and event services company.  Upwards of 30,000 events and productions have been served by Powerstation Events.  The company has grown to become the most respected name in event production in the region.

About Al Vagnini
Al Vagnini is Founder and President/CEO of Powerstation Events.  One of the reasons for Al’s success as owner of the area’s longest-tenured Entertainment and Event Production companies is his dedication to giving back to the community.  HARC has been no exception to that philosophy.

For the last 12 years, Al and the entire team at Powerstation Events have donated their dollars, talents and services with the shared goal of ensuring HARC’s continued advocacy for those with intellectual disability.

We salute Al on this Sparking Possibilities recognition and we hope his tireless dedication to HARC will be an example to others in our community.

About Liz LaCava
Liz LaCava is Director of Business Development for Powerstation Events.  Liz began working for the company in 2001 and has been a key player in the growth, success and reputation of the company.  Liz’s passion for helping those with intellectual disability is deep and personal.  As the mother of a child with Down Syndrome, Liz has a profound understanding of the needs and struggles of those with intellectual disability.

Her passion is evident in the way she has advocated for HARC throughout her tenure at Powerstation Events.  Amid a busy schedule, she works tirelessly to make HARC a priority and has gone above and beyond the call to provide HARC with the necessary tools to continue their support and programs for our friends with intellectual disability.  Liz is truly Sparking Possibilities!