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World Affairs Council Announces Promotions

The board of directors of the World Affairs Council of CT (CTWAC) is pleased to announce the promotion of Megan Clark Torrey to Chief Executive Officer. Megan has been the Executive Director since March 2014, after having served as Program Director since 2003. She oversees the development and delivery of world class programming that educates the community on global affairs. Recently, Megan implemented a CTWAC Global Security Forum featuring General George W. Casey, Jr. (U.S. Army, Retired) 36th Chief of Staff, Untied States Army in conjunction with the CT Military Department for an all-day seminar featuring experts from top military and civilian institutions.

Megan has facilitated the visits of several world leaders to the Council in Hartford. During her time at CTWAC, the Council has expanded the scope and reach of its programming by implementing new technology and communications initiatives. Ms. Torrey has two degrees in international relations and diplomacy. In 2015, Megan was inducted into the CT Women’s Hall of Fame for raising local awareness of world issues through world-class programming, including initiatives that equip Connecticut students with essential skills necessary to navigate the global marketplace.

Her research interests include inclusive security and the role of women in post-conflict situations and citizen participation in foreign policy.

The CTWAC board is also pleased to announce the promotion of Amanda Jolly to Program Director. Amanda joined the World Affairs Council of CT in October, 2015 as Program and Membership Manager. She has been part of the CTWAC since her sophomore year in high school while participating in the Model UN program. Amanda has worked with several non-profits around the globe, from Ghana to the Philippines, and in the U.S., from San Francisco to D.C. She has boundless enthusiasm for sustainable development, environmental initiatives, and earnest debating.

In 1952, the CTWAC Model UN program had about 130 participants. The international education program has grown each year since. Today, more than 950 high schools students from more than 30 schools around Connecticut participate in our student-run Model UN program. This year’s program will take place December 1 & 2. Please consider donating or sponsoring to the Model UN program.

Please join us by congratulating both Megan and Amanda on these promotions recognizing their combined success in performing those responsibilities and their contributions to the World Affairs Council CT in the global arena.

For more information on how to be involved : About the CTWAC.