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MetroHartford Investors’ Connection and Collaboration Yield Remarkable Results

When entrepreneurs and business owners Alisa Picerno, President of Alliances By Alisa Media Relations, and Eric Buhrendorf, CEO of EVERNET, met at a MetroHartford Alliance networking event, they quickly realized their companies shared common goals and challenges. They soon joined forces to launch an incredibly successful, mutually beneficial media campaign.


EVERNET is a computer consulting and service firm in Hartford that works with firms of all sizes,  but specializes in supporting legal firms and medical practices. Alliances by Alisa also has extensive experience within those fields. Picerno and Buhrendorf started formulating a three month media blitz campaign for EVERNET by brainstorming topics that would be of the greatest interest to those industries, as well as to the broader business community and consumers.


“The first step in formulating any media campaign is to reference the national awareness calendar to identify applicable holidays/observances that have a direct connection to the services and expertise offered by your company,” explained Picerno. “We also stay on top of trending news stories that clients can tie into for press releases or comment on as an expert source.”

Since EVERNET’s campaign was slated to kick off in March, the decision was made to craft a B2B press release that highlighted the tax advantages and improved computer security of outsourcing the IT function just in time for tax season. The article also referenced a recent TurboTax account data breach to appeal to consumer media outlets.


The result was immediate and impactful! After distribution of the press release to all local and targeted national media outlets, Buhrendorf received multiple interview requests from top-rated local television and radio stations such as WFSB Eyewitness News 3, WTNH News Channel 8 and WTIC AM, as well as national outlets, including Industrial Equipment News magazine. The interview clips were then shared across the social media platforms of both EVERNET and Alliances by Alisa to extend audience reach and boost awareness for both businesses.


The second press release highlighted National Record and Information Management Month in April as the ideal time for companies to engage an outside IT firm for a full computer system check-up. Two local business publications - the Hartford Business Journal and Fairfield County Business Journal - responded by asking Buhrendorf to contribute bylined articles.


“Print publications often have dedicated columns reserved for guest contributors,” said Picerno. “It really is an amazing opportunity to showcase your company and position you as an authority in your industry.”


However, guidelines for submission typically require the material to be unique to a publication and cannot be promotional. Picerno collaborated with Buhrendorf to rework key points into distinct articles.


“I really wanted to take advantage of being able to speak directly to the readers of both publications, but as a business owner with limited time to write a compelling article, Alisa’s input was invaluable,” said Buhrendorf. 


The third topic EVERNET addressed was proper password protocol to protect against hackers in observance of World Password Day on May 2. Since the topic aligned with a specific date, media interest was again immediate. Buhrendorf was interviewed on Fox 61, WDRC AM’s flagship Brad Davis morning show, the award-winning “For the People” radio show that airs on multiple stations, the Providence Business Journal and others. As the legal and medical sectors are targets of Evernet, the release was revised specifically for the legal and medical trade media. Resulting opportunities included requests from the Employee Relations Law Journal and Medical Product Outsourcing.


Buhrendorf has been an investor in MetroHartford Alliance for several years, and Picerno since 2016. The two professional powerhouses are impressed with the connections they have made through the organization and look forward to forging new successful partnerships with other investors.

For more information about Alliances By Alisa Media Relations, visit or contact President Alisa Picerno, MBA, at or call 860.217.0595.

For information or to schedule a free consultation with EVERNET, visit  or call 860-656-7810. Contact CEO Eric Buhrendorf at