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Capital Workforce Partners (CWP) will be recognizing business and community partners, and successful graduates of workforce training programs, at CWP’s Annual Meeting on June 21, 2019 at the Hartford Club from 7:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

CWP’s Annual Meeting will convene public/private leadership and business and community partners to highlight the progress of CWP to find, retain and grow the most qualified talent in the region supporting business and job seekers.  CWP will recognize a number of lead business partners and professionals, as well as jobseekers who have successfully completed skills training and have been placed in good jobs in advanced manufacturing, healthcare, construction and other occupations.

One example of a success story will include CWP’s response to the workforce talent needs of manufacturers, where CWP has been working with multiple stakeholders to develop a new innovative high school pre-apprenticeship manufacturing training program at Synergy High School in East Hartford connected to Pratt and Whitney. One of the graduates of the program will be recognized for gaining a pre-apprenticeship certificate and receiving a job offer by Pratt and Whitney for $29 an hour.  The stakeholders involved with CWP in this partnership included the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, Pratt and Whitney, the CT Department of Labor, East Hartford Public Schools and other partners.

This success story is just one example of the many highlights that the CWP Annual Meeting will celebrate as well as uplift the need to enhance additional public/private partnerships to accelerate skills training for regional business and industry in the region and state.

CWP will make available the other success stories that it will be celebrating in the upcoming week before the Annual Meeting.  Please see attachment for the list of businesses and individuals who will be recognized.  CWP will also be launching its new website at the Annual Meeting to enhance communications to job seekers and employers interested in workforce development services.  

For more information, please contact Jim Boucher at 860-899-3467.