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Support the Future Workforce Talent Pipeline

Do you want to get further involved in building the future workforce for your business and the regional economy?  The Summer Youth Employment and Learning Program led by Capital Workforce Partners, which provides young people the opportunity to get work-based learning experiences with local employers, will be begin in early July.  The program is funded by multiple public and private sources, and when possible also by business contributions.  The program runs for 6 weeks for 20 hours a week.  If your business is interested in supporting this program by becoming a worksite for a youth, or support hiring a youth yourself.  Please call Denise Marois at 860-899-3481 or Helen Sneed at 860-997-8155.

To get involved this summer, you can contact any of our several community-based organization partners who run the programs by the end of June.  You can connect with them by clicking on this link: Summer Youth Employment Programs.