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Foodshare Launches Institute for Hunger Research & Solutions

Foodshare, the regional food bank serving Greater Hartford, announces the creation of Foodshare’s Institute for Hunger Research & Solutions.  The Institute will serve as a national model and resource for food banks and community partners seeking to provide long-term, comprehensive solutions to the problem of hunger.


“The launching of the Institute is part of the progressive movement of Foodshare - to reinvent the way that food banks and food pantries operate. Foodshare is excited to serve as a thought leader for partners in Greater Hartford and also more broadly for food banks around the country,” said Jason Jakubowski, President and CEO of Foodshare.


The Institute will develop programs and interventions to decrease food insecurity while promoting health and stability; conduct research to measure the effectiveness of these programs; share best practices and evidence-based solutions; and collaborate with multiple partners to advocate for system changes within the charitable food network.


The Institute is physically housed and operated within Foodshare, and Foodshare’s own Dr. Katie Martin is the Executive Director. “I look forward to continuing to help support Foodshare’s existing 3-year Strategic Roadmap, and to work with national partners to promote health and long-term solutions to food insecurity,” said Dr. Martin.


For years, Foodshare has been actively involved in developing and researching innovative programs. For example, SWAP (Supporting Wellness at Pantries), developed by Dr. Martin, is a stoplight nutrition ranking system that helps increase the supply and demand for healthy food in food banks and food pantries. More Than Food is an innovative food pantry program that helps address the root causes of hunger, while building food security and financial stability. Through the Institute, Foodshare will provide trainings and resources so that other food banks and pantries can use the SWAP system and offer More Than Food, within Hartford and Tolland counties and throughout the United States.


Currently, the Institute is working with over a dozen food banks, including Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas and Birmingham, Alabama. “I think the Institute idea is brilliant!  We are happy to be one of your clients and partners. So excited to continue to work with you as we work to advance our efforts here in Oklahoma,” said Katie Fitzgerald, CEO of the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.


For more information on the Foodshare Institute or to reach Dr. Katie Martin email


About Foodshare

Foodshare is leading an informed, coordinated response to hunger in our community. Foodshare is the Feeding America food bank serving Connecticut’s Hartford and Tolland counties, where 118,000 people struggle with hunger. In partnership with the food industry, donors, community leaders and volunteers, Foodshare works to maximize access to nutritious food and other resources that support food security. Last year, Foodshare distributed more than 11 million meals worth of food to a network of nearly 300 local food pantries, meal programs, and Mobile Foodshare sites. And, because hunger is more than food, Foodshare collaborates with anti-hunger organizations, policy makers, and the broader community to build effective solutions to end hunger.