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Marian Leist named to ANCOR's Board of Representatives

Harc, Inc. is pleased to announce that Marian Leist, Vice President of Advocacy and Business Development, has been named to the American Association of Community Options and Resources (ANCOR) Board of Representatives. 

ANCOR is a national, nonprofit trade association representing more than 1,600 private community providers of services to people with disabilities. ANCOR’s mission is to advance the ability of members in supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to fully participate in their communities.

Established by families in 1951, Harc, Inc. provides a lifetime of services to people with intellectual and related disabilities. Harc’s mission is to help individuals and their families enjoy lives of quality, inclusion and dignity through support, education and advocacy. 

Harc is proud that Marian will be representing Harc, and the State of Connecticut. Her passion and experience with this community makes her an excellent representative of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

For more information please contact Lori Gailey 860-218-6089;