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Career Beginnings

Martin Estey

  • Career Beginnings

Martin Estey is Executive Director of the Hartford Consortium for Higher Education, an association of twelve institutions of higher learning located in the Greater Hartford region.

The Consortium fosters partnerships across all sectors to ensure and enhance the role of the higher education community in the educational and economic health of the region.  The Consortium administers the Career Beginnings program, and, in collaboration with the MetroHartford Alliance, administers the Graduate!CT adult return to learning program. Both programs are geared toward college access for all. Martin works closely with employers in the region as well as with local colleges and universities, as well as with the philanthropic foundations and corporations that support these program. Prior to joining the non-profit sector, Martin worked as a high school teacher and administrator and as an adjunct college instructor. Martin holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Temple University.


  • LIFG (Low-income, first-generation) college access issues
  • Adult, non-traditional college access issues
  • College retention and persistence
  • Public/CBO/Corporate partnerships
  • Mentor programs
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